Licenses & Permits

Liquor Licenses

Marijuana Licenses

Locating a Business Other than Liquor or Marijuana

La Plata County does not require a standard business license. If you are locating a business within a municipality - you will need to contact them directly.

Contact the Planning Department to determine if your desired location may be used for the proposed business.

Sign Permit

The County currently does not issue sign permits, however, all signs installed in the county must meet code requirements regarding size, design and location (LPLUC Chapter 98). Please contact Planning Department staff for more information on sign codes.

Special Events

A special event permit is required for activities at a specific location that may attract 50 or more people, that may attract more than 25 vehicles a day, and that last less than 72 hours.  Examples of special events are block parties, festivals and concerts. Private gatherings at private residences that last less than 24 hours and do not charge for admission do NOT require special event permits. Please contact the Planning Department for special event permit applications. 

Special Events- County Road Use

For any event using or crossing a County Road, you must first obtain a Special Events - County Road Use Permit by submitting the application (with required attachments) at least 45 days prior to the proposed event. Applications shall be submitted in person to the County Planning Department at 211 Rock Point Drive at the Tech Center in Durango. Special events using County Roads are approved or denied by county staff.

Oil and Gas Information and Permits