Flood after fire: Resources & preparedness tools

Flood after fire: Assessment, Resources & Preparedness Tools
Posted on 08/06/2018

Flood Risk after 416 Fire: Assessment

Because large-scale wildfires such as the 416 Fire dramatically alter the landscape and ground and soil conditions, drainages in the 416 Fire area are particularly susceptible to mud and debris flow.

Residents in the burn area – and throughout La Plata County – should be prepared for potential flooding as well as mud and debris flow.

An interdisciplinary team of hydrologists, soil scientists, engineers, weed specialists, archaeologists, wildlife/fisheries biologists and GIS analysts completed an assessment of where post-fire flooding and debris flow might occur, as well as other impacts the area could see in the months and years following the 416 Fire.  Below are some of the resources the team produced.

Burned Area Emergency Response team summary

416 Fire Post-fire Hydrology Modeling Results

Debris Flow Probability Map

Modeled Watersheds

Soil Burn Severity Map

Local radar data

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Below are some resources to help you prepare:

Hermosa/North County Debris Flow Map

Debris Flow Map north county


100 & 500 Year Flood Map

100 & 500 Year Flood Map


Preparedness Resources 


Landslides and mudslides 


Flood Readiness


Infographic on floods



Insurance resources