Commenting Agency Resources

Planning Department Portal 

The steps to access the portal and submit comments are listed below.

  1. Select the link above to access the Planning Department portal.
  2. Sign in to the Planning Department portal by entering your username and password.
  3. Portal Image 2Portal Image 3
    1. If a first time user, you must register to create an account.Portal Image 4Portal Image 5
    2. While registering (if using the same email address that the notice was sent to), a business will show that you are associated with. Select the business to link your portal account. If multiple businesses show, select the business with the most accurate information.   Portal Image 6
    3. You will receive an email to activate your account. Follow the link provided in the email. Note: This must be done before you can enter comments.Portal Image 7 Portal Image 8
  4. Search for the project using the project information provided in the header.Portal Image 9Portal Image 10
  5. The application submittals can be viewed under the Documents and Images section of the subject planning application page by double clicking the document title.
  6. Comments can be submitted under the Reviews section of the subject planning application page by clicking on the Submit Review Comments link. Portal Image 11
  7. Once the comments have been entered, click the Save Comments & Complete Review button to submit the comments to the Planning Department.
  8. Supplemental attachments can be uploaded to the project application using the browse option toward the bottom of the page.

Portal Image 12

9. If you choose to upload a document, please title as Agency comment, project number and your agency name. (Example: Agency Comment PL20170000 City of Durango.pdf)

10. Select the Upload Document button at the bottom of the planning application page. 
**Please note:  The actual review comments should be entered into the Review Comments box.

Please contact the Planning Department with any questions. (970) 382-6263