FAQs - Code Enforcement

How do I file a complaint?

Complaints are filed with the County Code Enforcement Officer. The Code Enforcement Officer can be reached at 970-382-6253.

Do I have to provide my name and contact information when I file a complaint?

Yes.  The County does not accept anonymous complaints due to the process that must be followed when taking alleged violations through the legal process as provided for by State Law (which may include court proceedings).

I filed a complaint a while ago, why is it taking so long to resolve?

State Law provides for counties to follow a legal process, determined by civil and criminal procedures, to decide land use and building code efficacy as it applies to an alleged violation situation. The process involves providing notice to the property owner, opportunity to work with the County toward the goal of compliance, followed by legal action that may include recording a notice of violation against the property owner, the filing of a lawsuit, and possible criminal action depending on the nature of the violation.  These processes may take between several months and a few years to culminate.