How long is a driveway access permit good for?

    A driveway access permit is good for one year from date of issue.  After one year, a new permit will need to be applied for and standards may have changed.

    When construction on your access is complete, please call the Engineering Department 970-382-6363 for a final inspection.

How do I apply for a driveway access permit or a right-of-way construction permit?

    Applications for a driveway access permit or a right-of-way construction permit are available from the La Plata County Public Works - Engineering Department, 1365 S. Camino del Rio, Durango, just south of Home Depot on the frontage road.  They are available on La Plata County Engineering webpage HERE, or you can call 970-382-6363 to make other arrangements.  You will be required to have a driveway access permit in order to obtain a building permit.

Can I build the driveway access myself?

    Certainly.  However, the County requires that a $5000 License & Permit bond be on file with Public Works - Engineering for work that takes place within a county right-of-way along a county road.  Call 970-382-6363 for requirements.  You may pick up a "Driveway Packet" from the Public Works - Engineering Department located at 1365 S. Camino del Rio - south of Home Depot on the frontage road.  970-382-6363 for directions.

Can I expedite the approval process for a driveway access permit?

    Accurate information is needed for your permit to be quickly processed. Engineering is allowed seven business days for our permitting process and this amount of time depends on weather as well.  Filling out the application form as completely as possible, giving accurate directions and locations, and attaching a sketch plan of your proposed access is necessary. Clearly marking your proposed access location is key.  We provide colored marking tape for your use by stopping into our office at 1365 S. Camino del Rio, Durango - south of Home Depot on the frontage road.  Keep in mind that although you know where your property and proposed access are, we do not. The more complete your application is, the easier it is for us to find your proposed location and quickly process your permit.

What permit is required for right-of-way construction activities?

    Utility Installation
    If you are installing new, performing maintenance on, or repairing any public or private utility located within the La Plata County Right of Way along a county road, you will need to obtain a Utility/ROW Permit. You should apply for the permit at least 14 working days prior to the estimated start date of your project. You may be required to submit a Traffic Control Plan prepared by a certified Traffic Control Supervisor as well as a set of plans for your project.

    Utility Notification Center of Colorado

    If you are planning a home improvement, planting a tree, digging for a fenceline, CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG.   Have your underground utility lines marked for free and prevent undesired consequences.

    Driveway Access Permit (Construction)

    A driveway permit is required whenever a new access is proposed, an existing access is upgraded, or there is a change in use of an existing access (i.e., changing an Ag access to a residential access, etc.) is requested.  Please call 970-382-6363 for confirmation of your needs.

When are permits required to work within the county road right-of-way?

    ALWAYS!  La Plata County Engineering issues permits for any and all construction activities within the right-of-way. This includes all gravel or paved roads, under the control and jurisdiction of La Plata County.