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How long is a driveway access permit good for, and how can I get an extension?

    A driveway access permit is good for one year from date of issue.  A brief call to the engineering department will usually be sufficient to get an extension granted.  However, if you haven't begun construction on your driveway access and your permit is expired, without an extension granted, a new permit will be required.

    When construction on your access is complete, please call the Engineering Department (970) 382-6363 for a final inspection.

How do I apply for a driveway access permit or a right-of-way construction permit?

    Applications for a driveway access permit or a right-of-way construction permit are available from the La Plata County Engineering Department, 1060 Main Avenue, Suite 104, Durango (the old post office).  Or you may call 970-382-6363 and we will be happy to mail/email or fax you the appropriate form.  Depending on your circumstances, you may be required to have an access permit in order to obtain a building permit.

    Additional information may be found in the County Code, Section 74-97 Driveways: Municode

Special Transport Permit - What information is needed before a Special Transport Permit can be used?

    Information on the transport vehicle that is necessary, i.e.  license number, vin number, year, make and number of axles.  Information on the mobile home that is needed:  year, model, vin/serial number, width and length, address coming from and going to, dates and routes of transport.  Find Overweight, Oversize, Special Transport Permits here:  Permits

Can I build the driveway access myself?

    Certainly.  However, the County's bonding requirement applies for work done by the property owner and/or, as well as work done by a contractor.  Find bonding information here:  MuniCode

    You may pick up a "Driveway Packet" from the engineering department located in the old downtown post office at 1060 Main Avenue, Suite 104.  (970-)382-6363 for directions.

How can I expedite the approval process for a driveway access permit?

    Accurate information is what is most needed for your permit to be quickly processed. Filling out the application form as completely as possible, giving accurate directions and attaching a sketch plan of your proposed access will be extremely helpful. Clearly mark your proposed access location in the field with the marking tape provided by the engineering department (970)382-6363.  Keep in mind that although you know where your property and proposed access are, we don't. The more complete your application is, the easier it is for us to find your proposed location and quickly process your permit.

What permit is required for right-of-way construction activities?

    For construction activities within the county right-of-way, you will need one of the following:

    Utility Installation

    If you are going to be installing, performing maintenance on, or repairing any public or private utility located within the La Plata County Right of Way, you will need to obtain a Utility Permit. You should apply for the permit at least 14 working days prior to the expected start date of your project. You may be required to submit a Traffic Control Plan prepared by a certified Traffic Control Supervisor as well as a set of plans for your project.

    Utility Notification Center of Colorado

    If you are planning a home improvement, planting a tree, digging a fence CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG.   Have your underground utility lines marked for free and prevent undesired consequences.

    Driveway Access Permit (Construction)

    A driveway permit is required whenever a new access is proposed, an existing access is upgraded, or a change in use of an existing access (i.e., changing a field access to a residential access, etc.) is requested. Acquisition of the permit is required before any work is done to allow access to the property.

When are permits required to work within the county road right-of-way?

    ALWAYS!  La Plata County issues permits for any and all construction activities within the La Plata County right-of-way. This includes all public drainage easements, rights-of-way and roads, whether gravel or paved, under the control and jurisdiction of La Plata County.

What excavation contractor can I use?

    There are many qualified excavation contractors in our area.  The phone book, Better Business Bureau, and referrals from others are three great ways to choose a contractor.  La Plata County does not keep a "list" of contractor's names to hand out.  However, after you have made your choice, give the engineering department a call and we can quickly let you know if they are bonded in La Plata County.  (970)382-6363.