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Utility Locates - Who do I call to have my utility lines marked?

    Utility Notification Center of Colorado

    If you are planning a home improvement, planting a tree, or just digging a fence, call 811 BEFORE YOU DIG.   Have your underground utility lines marked for free and prevent undesired consequences.

Inspection - Will I need an inspection?

    County building officials inspect homes, commercial buildings and other structures throughout the construction process. Most structures are inspected at least five times for the following: Footings, stem wall, framing, plumbing & mechanical and a final inspection. At the conclusion of successful residential inspections, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued.

    There have been several local amendments to the international codes, including a minimum foundation design and a formula to establish the roof snow load based on the elevation of a building site. These local amendments are available on La Plata County Code - Buildings and Building Regulations

Convenant Violations - what to do.

    By state law, counties are not involved in enforcing covenants. The Homeowners' Association must enforce the covenants through civil court.  Covenants can be more strict than county and state regulations,but not less strict.  Covenants do not take precedence over county and state regulations.

Building Department - What does the Building Department do?

    The structural integrity of buildings and the safety of building occupants are paramount concerns of the La Plata County Building Department. For this reason, building codes have been enforced since 1973.

Building permit - When do I need a building permit?

    Building permits are required for all new structures, additions and newly-placed mobile homes on unincorporated (non-city, township or tribal) county land. Before a building permit is issued, property owners must perform soil testing and demonstrate authorization for sewage disposal and domestic water supply.