What is the process?

1. Complete the application for nomination and submit it to the La Plata County Planning Department.
2.The County Historic Preservation Planner will contact you if there arequestions, and to inform you of the Historic Preservation ReviewCommission recommendation.
3. The Historic Preservation ReviewCommission (HPRC) reviews applications for nomination to the CountyHistoric Register and makes a recommendation to the Board of CountyCommissioners.
4. You will receive a copy of the report and the dateof the Board of County Commissioners consideration of the nomination.You must attend this meeting for your nomination to be acted on.
5.The Board of County Commissioners makes the final determination based ona report from County Planning Staff which includes the HPRCrecommendation. Once the Board approves the nomination, you will receivea framed certificate and plaque to display on the structure or site.
6. Structures / sites determined to be eligible for the La Plata County Historic Register are adopted by Resolution.
7. The County Clerk and Recorder maintains the County Historic Register by way of recording the Board-adopted Resolution.
8.The County Planning Department Historic Preservation Planner maintainsthe project files which contain details of the nomination. Thisinformation is provided to the State and is available to the public.