How do I nominate a structure/site?

For a structure or site to be eligible for the La Plata County Historic Register it must demonstrate the following:

It is more than 50 years old
Identify property significance (one or more)
Is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to history
Is connected with persons of significant history
Have distinctive characteristics of a type, person, and method of construction or artisan
Is of geographic importance
Contains the possibility of important discoveries related to prehistory or history
Siteson the State and/or National Register are automatically eligible forthe County Register may be included on the County Register throughthe County nomination process.

Nomination Form

Other Historic Preservation Designation Levels 

State and National Register Nominations
Information on nominations to the State snad Nationsl Registers can be found at:

Historicplaces are nominated to the National Register by the State HistoricPreservation Officer (SHPO) of the State in which the property islocated. Contact the State Historical Society before applying to theNational Register.