Durango Mountain Resort Development Agreement

The Durango Mountain Resort in coordination with La Plata County and San Juan County are in the process of initiating the 5-year review of the DMR Development Agreement (DA).  The DMR DA and the corresponding Conceptual Development Plan (CDP) represent the framework for which landuse development is regulated at Durango Mountain Resort.  The DMR DA was first adopted in 2002 and has since been amended three times. This includes the 2007 5-year review process which resulted in refinement ofthe overall development procedures and regulations.  The purpose of the  5-year review is to address issues which may have arisen in connection with the operation of the DA or the CDP and to consider amendments which would address those issues.

Staff:  Daniel Murray

For additional information please call (970) 382-6263.  You can provide comments regarding this project to planning@co.laplata.co.us