GCC Energy Project

GCC Energy

Class II Land Use Permit 

The Board of County Commissioners heard the application on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 and continued the project to Wednesday June 1, 2016 where they voted to approve the project with changes to the RIA and the findings and conditions. 

Valuable information regarding GCC's compliance, operations, and road construction schedule can be found at the link below:



In July 2012, GCC Energy LLC submitted a Class II Land Use Permit application to the County for the King II Coal Mine. The mine is located at 6473 CR 120, in the western portion of the County in an area known as Hay Gulch. Since then, the County has held six neighborhood meetings to solicit citizen feedback. In spring 2015, GCC Energy formed a Citizen Advisory Panel to determine how to better mitigate the mine’s neighborhood impacts and inform GCC's revised land use permit application to the County, submitted July 31, 2015.  Through a series of public hearings, the county and GCC have negotiated interim mitigation measures to improve public safety until the Board of County Commissioners takes formal action on the Class II Land Use Permit. At this time, GCC is operating under permits issued by the appropriate state and federal agencies. 

The La Plata County Planning Commission heard the GCC Class II Land Use Permit application on March 2-3, 2016, but continued the project to April 14, 2016 to allow time for county staff and GCC to prepare a road impact agreement to address traffic, dust and safety issues on County Road 120 (Attachment #51 to the Staff Report). On April 14, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval for the project to the Board of County Commissioners.

In addition to the documents available here, the public is invited to review the entire project file at the Planning Department, 211 Rock Point Drive, Durango, Colorado.

Project Documents and History

Variance Application

In addition to the Class II application, On July 31, 2015 GCC submitted a Land Use Code Variance request application to the County. GCC is requesting a variance from the maximum 8% road grade standard of the La Plata Land Use Code section 74-91.  The variance request is to allow approximately 2,500 feet of CR 120 to maintain the existing 8.8% grade.  As proposed in the updated Class II application above, GCC intends to improve all other aspects of CR 120 to County Standards such as road width, shoulders, paving, and alignment for approximately 6.5 miles.