Residential Fee Structure


Residential constructionin La Plata County has a wide-ranging valuation depending on the type, size, and complexity of the home. Construction costs per square foot for an average home range around $100.00 per square foot to more complex homes with a construction cost of $250.00 per square foot and more. Fees are calculated using the exterior dimension of all floors or levels of the structure including stairwells, closets, storage area, etc. Living area below ground level-- basement or walkout-daylight configuration - is also calculated using the average or complex cost per square foot.


Single Family Residence Fees Average Category--$.70 per square foot
  Complex Category--$1.40 per square foot

Attached or Detached Garage Structures--Accessory to a Single Family Residence:

Garage Fee - $.50 per square foot

Shops Or Other Miscellaneous Structures

Commonly associated with single family residence or rural land uses as defined in the U Occupancy (Section 312) of the International Building Code.

Type I--Agriculture Building-- $40.00 per building

Building used solely for providing shelter for agriculture implements, farm products, livestock or poultry.(Minimal electricity and compliance with La Plata County's "Affirmation Of Use and Land Use Code Requirements".

(Fee includes final inspection to verify compliance with applicable regulations.)

Type II--Open Carports--Pole Structures--Open Shed Structures: $.40 per square foot

Large unheated storage type buildings and arenas.

Type III-- $.50 per square foot

Any enclosed structures or buildings with some level of human occupancy that have plumbing and heating ability.

(Upon plan review the Plans Examiner may use actual construction costs and labor costs to determine a valuation with building permit fee taken from Building Code Fee Table.) 

Manufactured Homes

HUD--Mobile following minimum set up requirements--$150.00

Modular Homes/Mobile Homes with permanent foundation--$250.00 per living unit

With basement foundation system or lower level living area--($250.00 per living unit) + $.50 per square foot of basement area.

With Attached Garage--($250.00 per living unit) + $.50 per square foot of garage area.

Commercial Type Structure

I Building permit fee calculated by using costs per square foot of building based on the occupancy or Use Table(cost per occupancy square foot × square foot of building = valuation =fee).

- OR -

II Building permit fee calculated using Building Permit Fee Table using actual construction costs provided by owner on contract documents(excluding landscaping, roads and parking lots.)

The building valuation includes costs for structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical,

interior finish and normal site preparation and labor.

Additional fees may be required for plan reviews conducted by outside (Building Department) plan review firms.