Draft Land Use Code Comments

Welcome to the La Plata County Land Use Code rewrite comment portal page. This page offers an opportunity to post comments, questions and input about the DRAFT Land Use Code. There is a comment portal for each of the chapters listed below, accessible by clicking on the chapter title. Each chapter’s portal will prompt you to place your comment in the appropriate section that will be found in the new code within that particular chapter.

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DRAFT Land Use Code

Chapter 62:  Title, Effective Date, Purpose and Definitions
Chapter 63:  Administration and Review of Roles
Chapter 64: Long Range Planning Tools
Chapter 65: Land Uses Based Upon District Plans; Zoning Districts; Cooperative Planning and Overlay Areas;

Chapter 66: Permits and Procdures
Chapter 67: Division of Land

Chapter 68: Planned Unit Developments

Chapter 69: Regulations for Areas and Activities of State Interest
Chapter 70: General Site Development Standards Applicable to All Development
Chapter 71: Reserved (HELD FOR FUTURE USE)

Chapter 72: Supplemental Overlay Standards
Chapter 73: Standards for Specific Uses
Chapter 74:
Roads Bridges, Utility Transmission Lines, and Cattle Guards

Chapters 75-77: Reserved
Chapter 78: Floodplain Management (NO CHANGE TO THIS CHAPTER)

Chapter 79: Nonconformities (Grandfathering)
Chapter 80: Enforcement and Penalties
Chapter 81: General Provisions