County Guidance Sheets

County Guidance Sheets

Once you have completed a Pre-Application meeting with the Planner assigned to your project, you will receive a Submittal Requirements Checklist. This checklist will have specific items that refer to our Guidance sheets. These Guidance sheets are meant to assist you with the documents required for submitting your project.

The list below is organized in the order that they appear on the Submittal Requirements Checklist. There may be more items below than required by your project. 

The items listed below should be submitted in an accepted electronic format (pdf, doc/docx, jpeg or tiff).  Each document must be named according to how the requirement is identified on this Submittal Checklist.  Place all documents in a single folder, which includes the project name and number.  The submittal must be on a USB flash drive that will be left with the Planning Department for several days. If you would like the flash drive returned, please be sure your name and contact info are attached to the drive. Drives which do not include contact info may not be returned.
Note: Paper copies of the plat(s), in the identified size and quantity must be submitted in addition to electronic submittals.

GENERAL - Notarized Designation of Agent Statement or POA
GENERAL - Project Narrative - Administrative Review, Special Events, Temporary Uses, & Class I
GENERAL - Project Narrative - Special Use, Subdivision, & Class II

ENVIRONMENT - Geology and Soils Reports
ENVIRONMENT - Wetlands Delineation

LEGAL - Deed Creating Parcel (Draft Deeds)
LEGAL - Lot Legality Information Sheet

NOTICE - Surrounding Land Owner, Call-up Option, & Posted Notice
NOTICE - Mineral Owner & Lessees Information 

PLANS/PLATS - Boundary Adjustments/Lot Consolidation Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist

PLANS/PLATS - Buffering Plan
PLANS/PLATS - Final Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist
PLANS/PLATS - Noxious Weed Management Plan
PLANS/PLATS - Preliminary Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist
PLANS/PLATS - Site Plan Review Checklist

WATER - Water Quality Test Results Form

If you are unable to find the guidance sheet that you are searching for, please contact the Planner assigned to your project or give us a call at (970) 382.6263.