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VA Clinic Location - Where is the Durango VA Clinic located?

    The Durango VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC), is located at 1970 E. 3rd Ave, Ste 102, Durango, CO. 81301. (Next to the new Durango Library)

    The Durango CBOC is open Monday through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays. The office is closed for lunch from 12 noon to 1 p.m. daily.

    Appointments are required at the CBOC and you must first be enrolled in VA Health care to receive any services.

    The Durango Va Clinic provides Primary Health Care Services, Mental Health Services and Lab Work to all eligible Veterans. Any specialty care that cannot be handled at your CBOC or inpatient treatment needed will be referred to, and provided by the Albuquerque VA Medical center, located at; 1501 San Pedro Drive SE, ALB. NM, 87108-9874. Phone# 1-800-465-8262.

    The Durango VA Clinic has a staff of highly knowledgeable health care providers who place a high priority on Veterans' satisfaction and ensure that they consistently provide you with high quality care and services.

    If you are not currently enrolled in VA Health care contact your local La Plata County Veterans' Service Officer, Richard S. Schleeter to enroll in free or low cost VA Health Care. 

    Veterans' Clinic


Hours & Contacts - What are the hours of operation and the telephone number to schedule an appointment?

    The office phone number is (970) 759-0117. Office hours are 8 a.m  to 5 p.m , Monday - Friday, except holidays. Closed from 12 noon to 1pm for lunch break. Appointments are encouraged. Please call (970) 382-6150 to schedule an appointment with the La Plata CVSO.

    Special arrangements can be made for veterans whom can only visit with the CVSO during the lunch hour by calling 970-759-0117.  Appointments will be decided on a case by case basis! 

Is the Veterans Service Officer aware of all the current laws and regulations?

    The work is complex and exacting, due to the numerous state and federal laws involved and the regulations by which they are administered. These laws cover many and varied VA benefits. The County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) is an accredited representative of the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs (CVA). The National Veterans Service Association (NACVSO), and the General Counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The purpose of the accreditation is to assure that claimants for VA benefits have qualified representation in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for Veterans benefits. The CVSO must be re-certified annually by the successful completion of training under the supervision of the CVA and the NACVSO.

    Your CVSO can assist you in any matter pertaining to the Department of Veterans Affairs. These services are free of charge, at no cost to all veterans and their dependents. The veterans service officer shall always work in the best interest of his or her clients in an attempt to maximize the amount of federal benefits they will receive through prompt service to all veterans on a uniform and unbiased basis.  

    It is the Duty of the County Veteran Service Officer and his or her assistant to assist any resident of the state of Colorado who is a veteran, or their surviving spouse, administrator, executor, conservator, or heirs of any said veteran or any other person who may have proper claim, by the filing of claims for insurance, pensions, compensation for disability, hospitalization, vocational training, or any other benefits which such person may be or may have been entitle to receive under the laws of the United States or the state of Colorado by reason of such service in the Armed Forces. 

What is the Western Slope Honor Flight?

    The honor flight is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America's veterans for all of their sacrifices. The honor flight transports our heroes to Washington D.C. to visit and reflect at our national memorials. Top priority is given to the senior veterans - World War II survivors, along with those veterans who may be terminally ill. With over one thousand World War II veterans dying each day, our time to express our thanks to these brave men and women is limited. This trip is absolutely free to all veterans. To find out more about the Western Slope Honor Flight contact your local Veterans Service officer.

What service does the La PLata County Veterans Service Office provide?

Is there transportation available for Veterans?

    The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization is running a VA Health Care van from Durango to Albuquerque on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To arrange transportation to the Albuquerque VA Hospital on these days, call the Transportation Coordinator at 970-442-0149.

    The DAVs are also running a van from the Farmington area to Albuquerque on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call Farmington Coordinator at 505-793-1782 to arrange transportation to the Albuquerque VA Hospital from the Farmington area.

    Veterans from Cortez should call 970-882-7902 to arrange transportation to the Durango VA Clinic and the ABQ VA Medical Center

    Veterans from Pagosa Springs should call Raymond Taylor at 970-264-4013 to arrange transportation to the Durango VA Clinic and the Abq VA Medical Center.

Benefits - What are some of the benefits I would receive as a Colorado Veteran?

    The State of Colorado offers special benefits for its military service members and veterans including Retired Military Tax Exemptions, state employment preferences, education and tuition assistance, vehicle tags and license plates, and hunting and fishing license privileges, as well as state veterans nursing homes. Eligibility for some of these benefits may depend upon residency, military component and the veteran's disability status. To find out more about state benefits check with your local Veterans' Service officer or log on to www.military.com.

Where is the Veterans Service Office?

    The La Plata County Veterans' Service Office (CVSO) is located at 1970 E 3rd Avenue, STE# 102, Durango, CO. 81301. The CVSO is co-located with the Durango VA Clinic.

    If you wish to schedule an appointment with the CVSO to find out more about veterans benefits please call 970-382-6150 and the Human Services operators will assist you.

    If you have general questions you may call the CVSO, Richard S. Schleeter at 970-759-0117.